Tuesday, December 12, 2006

8/12/2006: Spennymoor Recreational Centre

It's started, all the Christmas do's that is.

We like doing these big sports hall with a tent inside jobs, let's us know it's nearly Christmas.

Last time we played here, they had a bouncy castle set up in the small bar we use to 'stay-out-of-everyones-way-before-we-go-on coz we-all-dressed-like-tramps' . . . but not this time.

Seem to remember upsettting the front man for Alexanders Palace as well, stood right at front of stage, in middle of dance floor just txting on me mobi, even trying to make the odd call.

The drummer from Ally Pally was here in his new rock band, but they were on after us so I don't know what they were like.

People in party mode, full o'X-Mas pud and getting stuck in.

Shaun (things can't get any worse) impressed us once again with his stories of how dedicated he is to us all and then demonstrated it by saying he's not coming tomorrow night coz of whatever.

Jimaaay impressed us with his lookey likey of Dave when done up as either a temptation or Mike Jackson.

Joolz impressed us by managing the twisty turn part in our dance routine.

Overall, a good un!

Shaun: "Yeah but right etc, etc, etc, do you know how much I love you etc, etc"

Ralph: "Oh for fuks sake . . . Who's he looking at???"

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