Thursday, December 07, 2006

2/12/2006: Sergeants Mess - 17 RGM, Southampton

Fek me, what a drive...nearly five hours!!!

Arrived on barracks to find a very very posh do, all attendees in regimental costume and one helluva spread layed on, if you can be sure of three things it's that our armed forces are dressed well, fed well and can party like Hell!

Although we were booked for one clean show it transpired that Kev (acting ents manager) would like some filth and. . . . . two sets! This decision was ummed and aah'd about for a few hours until we eventually did a one hour dirty show at about 11:30PM.

The crowd were suitably impressed and not a single complaint was had, much to Kev's delight - he feared a court martial may be in the offing.

Drinks were particularly expensive at about £4 a round? including shorts???

As usual at posh events, we all arrive looking - and smelling in some cases - like a pack o'fukin pikies! It was no surprise when we were asked to move away from the posh room and hide in a corner near the bar in the snooker room. Fair comment.

In here I found an unmolested proper cigar left on an ashtray in a corner and decided to keep it company, I'm fond of a nice cigar at Christmas or I was until the owner of it came back for it, much to the krews delight.

The owner (Joe) was very amiable and offered me another, nice bloke. He bought us a couple of rounds as well.

Funniest part of the night has to be Joolz(67), going to get washed and put on a shirt about half an hour before getting ready to go onstage, he'd spent the evening like iRon with his tank top on and arms out among all this poshness.

Aside from distance, shoe box space behind stage to get changed in and the van getting stuck in the mud it was another gud un.

'Just who is this hairy @rsed idiot?': Catering Chief, 17 RGM

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