Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lancastrian Suite

22/12/2006 - Back up North East!

We haven't been here for a while. We were asked tonight why and sadly it's because our agent had a fall out with the NE agent when he offered to take sole rep on HQ.

We could play a different venue every night of the week, 7 nights a week for 2 years and still not go to the same club twice up NE.


Lancastrian Suite is situated next to LCL brewery and it stinks of yeast when you get there. The venue is a big marble covered place that can hold about 850 - 1000 people and it was full!

The gig was a success aside from one lady I focussed on who didn't seem to approve of the act, Cheeky Girls piss flaps being just one to catch my attention.

She didn't even crack a smile when I pointed out she knew all about Chlamydia...miserable cow!

The Cheeky Girls, NSU is here again!


Anonymous said...

wot a luverly pair of wimmin, are you single?

Me and my mate Bernard want to take you out for fun and frolics.


Bernard, the Cheeky girls said thanks for the lovely comment but, they would rather spend an evening sat on top of a stepladder in the gaza strip smoking endless cigarettes through a luminous balaclava.